Welcome to the End.

The Eater of Days is upon us. It is a creature more massive than the night’s sky, more insatiable than the greed of men, who’s soul intent is the consummation and destruction of all the Mulitverse. It has already swallowed many jewels in the Great Crown and now it threatens our world. Our salvation from this nightmare lies in with those who managed to survive it’s wrath. Some have served it, and in penance they must rise and fight it. Others have known of this monster for ages and have done all they can to rail against it. Now, it is up to you to fight this beast.

This is the plotted out, well written version of the random ridiculous game we’ve been playing. Read the Adventure Log to catch up to this point. Don’t forget to check outHouse Rules and NPCs to get more information.

The Eater of Days