Non-Player Characters

There are a number of non-player characters in the Eater of Days Campaign. This is a short list and note of who’s who here.

One of the high wizards at the Arcane University. Asteroth is a powerful mage who has had his ever creeping eye on the Eater of Days for some time. He has gathered several adventures from different corners of the Multiverse to hopefully stop this evil.

Orcadia Chalifoux
A rather unconventional Paladin, Sir Chalifoux is a woman of strong convictions, though little worldly knowledge. She has all the best intentions, though she relies heavily on her training manual, which she keeps on her person at all times. Pure of heart and pure of intention, she is none the less attracted to the harsh, questionably dangerous Princess Jessica.

Princess Jessica Meridia
A noble’s daughter and a master assassin in her own right, the Princess Jessica is a woman of many dark secrets. She was first encountered by the party as they attempted to recover the Triton, a weapon of legendary power, in order to destroy the Leviathan and thwart the plans of her parent’s usurper, Lord Pike

Captain Shiny-Bollicks
A strong man and a noble pirate, Captain Shiny-Bollicks is the master of a gnome submersible and a reliable friend.


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