The Eater of Days

A Fateful Choice!

Adventure Recap Part III

Loyalty or Riches?

The party told the demon imposter that they’d rather see him dead than profit from his wages of evil. They engaged him in battle, but he managed to flee unscathed.

Eager to join their comrade in battle, the party rushed the lair of the Aboleth. They found Paladin Orcadia trussed to a St. Andrews cross; to be made a sacrifice for the Aboleth and it’s Skum progeny. The Party freed Orcadia and the villagers, and fought bravely against the skum tide. Sadly, it seemed all was lost, until a regiment of Kuo-toa, blindly loyal to their dark lord, the Leviathian, joined the fray and turned the tide against the Aboleth. As the party fled, they bore witness to the titanic maw of the Leviathian swallowing the Aboleth whole.

Returning to the Old Salt, they regailed their employeer of their efforts and achievements. Asteroth seemed grim hearing about the Leviathian, and he revealed his true aims to the party. Asteroth was the High Master of the Arcane University. He was on a mission to stop the Leviathian as well as put an end to the corrupt rule of Lord Pike. No sooner had he spoken his intention than Lord Pike’s men stormed the Old Salt, demanding Asteroth be turned over to them. The party took these troops by surprise and, with the help of a powerful Minotaur Samurai, were able to secure Asteroth and rout Pike’s men.

Asteroth revealed that the party would need assistance if they were to be successful in their aims. Cheifly, they would need Jessica Meridia the 5th, whom agreed to join the party to seek revenge for her murdered parents. Asteroth then explained that the Leviathian was one of several Titans, working under the ownership of a darker evil, which he would not name, and that this massive sea beast could only be killed by the legendary Triton. In order to get the Triton, the party would need to go down to the ocean floor and breach the Seplecure of the Triton. To that end, they would need to recruit the legendary Gnome Captain, Captain Shiny-Bollocks and commendeer his gnome submersible.

Captain Shiny-Bollocks was agreeable enough when he heard that the mission intended to get revenge on Lord Pike, but he said commendeering his ship would be another, more difficult task. It was locked in the Meridia dockyards, and only command from Lord Pike could free her. The party hit upon a great idea, they would play a ruse upon the guards, with the skillful play of Paladin Orcadia, to take the vessel under false orders right out from under Lord Pike’s nose. It was a daring raid, but it came off magically. They only problem was a minor insurrection staged by Captain Shiny-Bollocks’ untrustworthy first mate, Johnny Benchcock. What the mutenous sea-dogs hadn’t planned was that Captain Shiny-Bollocks knew Johnny’s plan,and left him high and dry in the wrong dock.

So the party adventured down to the depths of the ocean. While other adventures slept, Paladin Orcadia and the Lady Jessica spent some personal time together. Orcadia found out first hand why Jessica was so shy in public, and why she was reluctant to pick from her family’s suitors. The two quickly formed a love deeper than the depths themselves…

and it would be their undoing!



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