The Eater of Days

A Search For Answers

Played Review Part I

The Adventure Begins…

The King and Queen of Meridia, Lord Maefus and Lady Jessica the 4th, have been lost at sea while away on a diplomatic mission to visith with the Merfolk King Puloth. Their ship, the Ocean’s Bounty, went missing during a terrible storm and the steward of Meridia, Lord Pike, subsumes control. The only heir to the throne, and the only one to challange the neigh tyrranical rule of Lord Pike is the lovely and aloof Princess Jessica Meridia the 5th. The coastal kingdom of Meridia is in an uproar as our Adventurers take to the scene.

You (the adventurers) were approached in the sea side tavern known as the Old Salt, by a man named Asteroth. He claims to be an agent of Lord Pike, though he lets on that he knows more than he’s saying. He offers you a handsome reward to invesigate the mysterious silence of the nearby fishing village Tranquil. He makes only two requests. One, you wear a strange bracelette, emblazoned with an ever staring eye on it. And Two, you take along the Paladin Orcadia Chalifoux. You agree and set out at once to investigate Tranquil.

After a short journey, you arrive to find Tranquil desterted and being picked clean by Locahath, a race of bottom feeding monsters. They cowered before you. Some suggested interrogation by force, but the Paladin Orcadia, trusting to her manual, opted against it. Before you had time to squabble, there was a sudden attack of vicious, disgusting humanoids known as Skum.

A fierce battle ensued, wherein many fought bravely. Orcadia kept up the war cry of “Defend the Innocent!” as she weighed in, throwing herself between the Locahath and danger. When it was all over, the Locahath revealed they had been raiding the village because the villagers had been taken by these Skum to serve their dark master. Orcadia gave them shelter and some food and they told her where to find the lair of the skum.



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